Keg & Freight Lifts

We can supply a simplified goods only lift to transport pallets, beer barrels, rubbish bins and goods up to a maximum safe working load of 1000kg. Depending on the goods to be carried, various cabin dimensions are available with a maximum travel of 4.5m and serving up to 3 levels. The highly space-saving design is ensured by use of special hydraulic lifting elements with integrated guide rails for the cage and cabin. The total lift load is transmitted to the pit floor, thus simplifying fitting within existing or new buildings.

No load bearing shaft roofs or lifting beams are required for the hydraulic drive used in these systems. The ongoing running costs are also minimised by the unique design of this product. All wearing parts such as pump, valves, pistons etc. run in oil, ensuring the highest level of operating safety and long useful life. No separate machine room is required, since the combined power unit and control panel are integrated in a lockable cabinet. This can be positioned in a suitable location adjacent to the lift.

Features of this lift include:

Shallow pit of only 100mm.
Space saving design.
Minimal additional load on building structure.
Safe working load of up to 100kg.
Lift travel of up to 4.5 meters.
Maximum operational safety level. Long operation life with low operating and maintenance costs.

Check out our keg and freight lift brochure below:


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