Lift Modernisation

There comes a time in every lifts lifespan where regular wear and tear and age affect the performance and look of a lift. Sometimes a lift needs a little updating and sometimes it needs a lot. If you are at the stage of trying to figure out how much and what type of an update your lift needs, let us assist you.

Some of the benefits of modernising an older lift are:

Improved reliability where the lift has become troublesome and prone to breaking down.
Eliminates the continual need for running repairs.
Improves the overall performance and can reduce wait times for passengers.
Reduces the down time of your lift due to breakdowns.
Improves safety for passengers, staff and maintenance engineers.
Eliminates issues with locating old or obsolete parts.
Reduces mid to long-term costs due to call outs and parts replacement.
Adds value to your premises.
Enhances the look of your lift to create a good first impression to visitors/clients to your premises.
Restores confidence to end users of your lift.

Lift modernisation provides a real alternative to replacing the entire lift installation, with the advantage of less disruption to a working premises, quicker turn around time and providing a quality, reliable installation fitted to the highest standards at a fraction of the cost of a new lift.

All our modernisation work is carried out using high quality, European, non-proprietary equipment. This ensures our clients will have the best equipment available and easy access to replacement parts and technical support into the future without being tied to one local service provider.

We know that the modernisation process can sometimes be a daunting and a difficult process, but as with all of our services, we will answer and respond to all of your questions with honesty, and with clear and concise information. In other words, we guide you throughout the process, to help you make the most informed and best decision for you.


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